Cyber Cafe License from Mumbai Police

Q1. What are the requirements to obtain a license for cyber cafe?
- You required premises licence for cyber cafe as per the rules for licensing and controlling places of public amusement (other than cinemas) Rules 1960 and first amendment for cyber cafe on 28th December 2006.

Q2. Checklist -
- If the government passed the proposal of rules and regulations than make an application affixing a court fee stamp of Rs.150/- on it and submit it along with the following documents. 
Shops & establishment Licence. 
1. Copy of partnership deed, if partnership firm. 
2. Rent Receipt, if the place is on rent/lease. 
3. Bill of fire fighting equipment of current year. 
4. Ownership documents, if the premises is owned by the applicant.
5. NOC from the landlord or Society if the premises are residential.
6. Name, address and other details of manager, employees to be provided separately on the firm's letterhead.
7. If establishment is a Company, copy of Memorandum of Articles. 
8. Copy of the resolution under which applicant is authorized to sign and obtain the above licence from the Licensing Authority. 
9. Copy of the current bill of payment made to ISP must be attached with the application.

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Q3. I have submitted all the documents; what do I do now?
- A) On the receipt of the application along with above documents, enquiries will be made through the local Police Station from the law and order point of view will be obtained. 
B) After receipt of the above reports, the proposal will be decided and you will be informed accordingly.

Q4. What is the validity period of the Cyber Cafe Licence?
- The Licence will be valid for three years from the date of issue.

Q5. What is the required fee for Cyber Cafe Licence?
- Rs. 250/- per computer per year so that for three years Rs.750/- per computer.

Q6. How much time it will take?
- It will take minimum two months.