DoT: OSP Compliance for BPO or Call Center

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Ozg Team conducts following independent assessments of an organization’s tech infrastructure to establish if existing controls/processes meet management objectives and to demonstrate controls to customers and their auditors through reporting and integrated requirements.
1. Telecom Compliance Advisory Services.
2. Enterprise Voice & Unified Communications Design Review - Voice, Data & Network.
3. Cloud and Foreign EPABX. 
4. Data Privacy Regulations. 
5. Telecom Compliance Solution Recommendations.
6. OSP Intimation Services. 
7. Work from Home (WFH). 
8. Regulatory Updates. 
9. CRM Audit Services. 
10. Telecom Service Provider - Audit Services.
11. DoT Audit Support Services. 
12. WPC compliance. 

OSP Advisory Team
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