Osp Compliance Solutions

Outsourcing IT solutions have evolved into a big industry, and outsource service providers (OSPs) are having a greater impact on their clients’ internal control frameworks. As the role of OSPs continues to grow, the need for comprehensive compliance reporting grows with it. Ozg assessments can provide an OSP’s management with the insight and tools needed to address compliance requirements. For SME to large corporation, a thoughtful approach to assurance can save time and money, which can lead to more satisfied clients and prospects. 

A multi-directional approach is required to manage these complex relationships because of the global nature, risks, and industry regulations associated with outsourcing. Ozg legal compliance reporting can help OSPs clearly define, assess, and communicate their approach and control environment to their clients. Since the circumstances around each OSP relationship are unique, a leading OSP process leverages a tailored reporting approach that uses multiple reporting methods. By taking the necessary steps to identify the need for our assurance reporting and the appropriate reporting type, the OSP (and the associated users) can determine whether their risk and compliance needs are addressed. 

Ozg Team conducts following independent assessments of an organization’s tech infrastructure to establish if existing controls/processes meet management objectives and to demonstrate controls to customers and their auditors through reporting and integrated requirements.
1. Telecom Compliance Advisory Services.
2. Enterprise Voice & Unified Communications Design Review - Voice, Data & Network.
3. Cloud and Foreign EPABX. 
4. Data Privacy Regulations. 
5. Telecom Compliance Solution Recommendations.
6. OSP Intimation Services. 
7. Work from Home (WFH). 
8. Regulatory Updates. 
9. CRM Audit Services. 
10. Telecom Service Provider - Audit Services.
11. DoT Audit Support Services. 
12. WPC compliance. 

OSP Advisory Team
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